About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2016, English Climber focused on teaching young learners english in a fun environment. 

It has evolved to creating english practice towards gaining language fluency while learning about useful personal skills, such as writing, personal development, healing energy, the law of attraction and so much more!

A Few Words About

Our Team

Mainly and almost exclusively volunteers and donors, our team is fun to work with. Behind the scenes are other donors and benefactors who choose to remain anonymous. Without our creative team, English Climber would just be ‘another school’

Rania T.

Main Helper

Besmet El Manel Bouchemel


Abdellah L.


Rafik Achraf B.

Creative Helper

Ahlem B.

Problem Solver

Dalila S.

Angel Donor

Ingie B.

Helper Apprentice

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We always work to offer rye best quality.

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We always work towards offering the best deals.

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We use PayPal as a payment method for now.

Algerian residents have the option to pay through CCP transfer. Contact us if that is your case