Maybe Vs May Be

“Maybe” and “may be”. Have you ever been confused by these two similar-looking phrases?
Although they may look similar, they have different meanings and uses in English.

1. “Maybe” (Adverb):
“Maybe” in one word is an adverb that means “perhaps” or “possibly.”
Here are a couple of examples of sentences using “maybe”:
  – Maybe we can go to the park tomorrow. (Perhaps we can go to the park tomorrow.)
  – I’m not sure, but maybe it will rain later. (I’m not sur; but it is possible it will rain later.)

2. “May Be” (Verb Phrase):
“May be” is a verb phrase consisting of the modal verb “may” and the verb “be.”
It is used to indicate possibility or permission.
Here are a couple of examples using “may be”:
  – She may be late for the meeting (indicating possibility).
  – You may be allowed to leave early (indicating permission).

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